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  • Gali Weiss

You took My Country, Don't Take My Lessons

The statement in this photo – "You took my country, don't take away my lessons" – is on a placard held by a girl demonstrating in Kabul after being refused to continue her school studies.

Though schools for girls were scheduled to be reopened last Wednesday, that same day the Taliban's 'Ministry of Education' announced that girls' secondary schools would remain closed until further notice.

Girls have not been allowed to attend schools for over seven months, since the formation of the Taliban government. According to the Taliban government's decision, girls only have the right to education in primary school and until grade six!

U's friends have reported that the decision has been met with a huge backlash in Afghanistan. They told her that hundreds of female students, citizens and women's rights activists demonstrated in Kabul on Saturday, March 26, calling for gender justice. "Since 23 of March, we have had several demonstrations in different parts of Afghanistan."

We're tired of war We're tired of murder We want education We want food We want jobs

Photos from Afghan Facebook.


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