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Rosalind Atkins and Afghan artist, (detail), 2018

I want to become a journalist

Australian artists

Ann Cunningham (VIC)

Anne Riggs (VIC)

Annelise Scott (VIC)

Annique Goldenberg (NSW)

Barbara Kameniar (TAS)

Catherine Pilgrim (VIC)

Christine Willcocks (NSW)

Di Ellis (VIC)

Gali Weiss (VIC)

Heather Shimmen (VIC)

Jennifer Kamp (VIC)

Karena Goldfinch (VIC)

Kath Armour (VIC)

Marian Crawford (VIC)

Marta Brysha (TAS)

Rosalind Atkins (VIC)

Silvi Glattauer  (VIC)

Tanya Ngerengere (VIC)

Tess Edwards (VIC)

Tracey Avery (VIC)

Afghan artists

names withheld 

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