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  • Gali Weiss

"You Have no right to Be Alive", he said

Over the past three days we have watched the news revealing the Taliban's latest intimidation of women with their continued attempts at absenting them, this time banning women from their university studies.

The women are devastated. The following letter is from T, who just a few weeks ago managed to pass her Year 12 exams despite High School closures for girls. Here is her written voice.

'Hello dear Gali.

You may have heard that the cruel Taliban have closed the universities, courses and all centres where girls and women interact. Even the female professors were fired from their job.

Dear Gali, I can't express my feelings with any words.

Today, when we went to the course, the Taliban came inside our class and said: "Until further notice about you, you are not allowed to join the class. All the girls who were in the class said to them why, why are you preventing us from studying, is it a dangerous crime to study?

One of the Taliban said very angrily,

"You have no right to be alive at all. Be glad that I didn't kill you right here. A woman belongs at home and should serve men at home.” He said this and left.

We girls hugged each other and we couldn't control our tears and we cried a lot and with this anger we went to the roads and shouted "Knowledge is our right" and "death to the Taliban". Unfortunately, the Taliban destroyed our rally with bullets and we all ran away to our homes out of fear. I recorded a video in our class which I will send to you.

In short, dear Gali, tears are still flowing from my eyes. We only hope that it was just my course that was closed to us. And we experience gradual death every day. Yesterday, two girls committed suicide in front of their university. But in my opinion, death is not a solution and I am against this.

Dear Gali, I wish it to be a miracle that I can continue my studies in a safe place. I am very tired of this situation. I wish to complete my studies in a peaceful situation. So I ask for too much?'


Photo 1: Social media, Afghanistan

Video 1: T

Video 2: Social media, Afghanistan


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