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  • Gali Weiss

Video Evidence of Taliban Raid on Woman Protester

Another terrifying video has come to light evidencing the persecution of women in Afghanistan today, this time from a BBC Persian News post on Afghan Facebook. I received it from U. I looked for it online in English but couldn't find any reference to it, apart from the BBC Facebook (Instagram ) link:

This Facebook version includes English subtitles:

Concerns over the fate of a female protester whose home was raided by the Taliban in Kabul.

Reports from Kabul indicate that Taliban insurgents stormed the home of at least one female protester and that her fate is unknown. It is also alleged that the Taliban went to the home of another female protester in Kabul today, but she was not at home and is now in hiding. The video of Tamna Zaryab Pariani, a female protester on social media, showing her screaming as Taliban members apparently came after her overnight, has caused widespread concern among activists. The Taliban has not responded to BBC calls. Some sources have reported that Ms. Pariani was released after being detained.

This is one of the Facebook comments translated, included here because it's relevant to us who are reading this blog:

"If we put ourselves in this lady's position, we will better understand the tyranny and terror of the Taliban terrorists. Fortunately, the whole scene was filmed and the spread of these images on social media took away the opportunity from the terrorists, otherwise there would not be much chance left for this lady, who might have been shot after her arrest. I hope this video has reached the international organisations, especially the defence of women's rights!"

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