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  • Gali Weiss

Update to Yesterday's Taliban Raid

The Age online news reported this morning on the Taliban raid on the home of activist Tamana Zaryabi Paryani, referring to the video evidence but not showing it. The article seemed like a copy of The Guardian's same article, probably from Associated Press.

Additional information in the article:

The spokesman for the Taliban-appointed police in Kabul, General Mobin Khan, tweeted that Paryani’s social video post was a manufactured drama. A spokesman for the Taliban intelligence, Khalid Hamraz, would neither confirm nor deny the arrest.

However, he tweeted that “insulting the religious and national values of the Afghan people is not tolerated anymore” – a reference to Sunday’s protest during which the protesters appeared to burn a white burqa, the all-encompassing traditional head-to-toe female garment.

Hamraz accused rights activists of maligning Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers and their security forces to gain asylum in the West.

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