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  • Gali Weiss

The Murder of a Woman and two Girls

Yesterday, January 16, 2022, the Taliban terrorist group shot a woman and two young girls in front of dozens of people, near the Passport Office in Laghman province. And yet they gave no reason for the shooting. The scene in the video below (downloaded from Afghan Facebook) is so disturbingly immediate and sickening. Under the video clip I've added a translated transcript of some reactions recorded on it.

- Take them to the car.

- Fuck this Islamic government (Fuck this Emirates)

[And some other swear words to the Taliban]

- Take that young girl to the car too.

- They came from the right side and shot.

- This is the Islamic rules, what was the guilt of that woman? Pharaoh was better than these fucking men [the Taliban].

- What was the guilt of this woman? They shot a woman and a young girl. The poor woman is dead.

- Who shot them?

(Somebody replied:) The Taliban. Who else has a gun? Do you have a gun? Do I have a gun? No.

- May God destroy you criminals.


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