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  • Gali Weiss

The Disappearance of Navid

U told me of a young man, Navid Ahmad in Helmand province, who recently criticised the Taliban and paid the price for doing so.

"Young Navid lost his life just because of a simple Facebook post. He wrote on his Facebook in support of teachers, criticising the non-payment of their salaries;

"Do not ask the Taliban for your salary, the Taliban themselves are collecting charity".

After this post the local Taliban arrested him and took him to one of the National Security Directorate in Helmand province. His family went to that National Security Directorate several times and asked about Navid. They were told that the Taliban had finished their investigation and would release Navid on Saturday.

But unfortunately, after two days (Monday, November 29, 2021) they found Navid’s dead body in one of the hospitals. His family said that they saw many signs of torture on his body. The hospital said that the dead body of Navid was found inside the Helmand Sea."


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