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  • Gali Weiss

Public Hanging – Punishment for All

In the 1990s, during the Taliban's five-year period of rule, executions were held at Kabul's sports stadium or on the grounds of the Eid Gah mosque. The execution of four men and their public exhibition six days ago, relive not only the Taliban's rules of punishment as in the past, but of the traumatic repercussions on the future of Afghanistan's people, including today's children. U relates what happened.

"On September 25, 2021, the Taliban terrorist group killed four people in Herat province and then hanged their bodies in the public squares of Herat city."

Image: Fararu is a private news agency in Iran. Its purpose is to improve the free dissemination of information and enhance the national interests of Iran.

"The Taliban claimed that they were kidnappers and they had kidnapped a businessman in this city with his son, but no investigations nor adjudication were held. They were shot under the Taliban's inhumane and oppressive laws. And it's created panic among people, especially children."

Image: BBC News

"They were killed in front of people and their bodies were hanged for hours in the squares which are usually very crowded places where many people, including children are there. I didn't get a specific example of how children react, but I know they've been severely shocked by seeing such heartbreaking scenes. Fear, panic and depression are currently on the faces of all Afghan children. When I travelled to the Torkham border, I felt very strongly the fear, panic, depression and frustration in people's faces, especially children."

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