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  • Gali Weiss

Music Brings Us Together (Yo Yo Ma)

What has happened to those Afghans who succeeded in escaping Afghanistan’s threatening Taliban situation? There is no singular story. But I do hear of the mixed feelings all have in leaving their home and family, at the same time with hopes of returning to Afghanistan and continuing to contribute to its people and culture, eg music, which they could only preserve out of their country. One such example is the Afghan National Institute of Music (ANIM).

Last month the Afghan National Institute of Music performed its first public concert in Lisbon. Portugal is the Institute’s host country, having accepted all 273 students, faculty and family members who escaped Afghanistan when the Taliban violently opposed secular music and closed down the Institute (see blog post Sep 10, 2021).

H, the sitar player in the institute’s all-female Zohra Orchestra, related how proud she was and sent me a link to a video of the performance.

This video led me to another video link, the documentary “Symphony of Courage” that premiered at this event. The documentary is so moving, beautifully made, centring on the last two girl students and their uncle who were the last of ANIM to get through to Portugal.

Image & Video Credits:

1. Still from ANIM performance in Lisbon. Credit: VOA

2. Credit: Voice of America (VOA) video

3. Credit: Voice of America (VOA)


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