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  • Gali Weiss

How Women Should Be Seen and (not) Heard

Women in just about every culture I’ve encountered have been often characterised as endangering men by their sexuality. And yet, we’re progressing with government systems of law trying to protect women from perpetrators of sexual assault, and systems that educate the public that women are victims not seductresses.

The following video clip of a Taliban official voicing not only a perception but an implication of law, is so mind-boggling that I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

U watched this on Facebook; a Tolo TV news program interview of a Taliban official.

"He says women should not wear short, thin and tight clothes. And he added that women and girls should not wear attractive colours and not use perfume anymore. He says women should walk in a way that the sound of their boots is not heard because he thinks the sound of women's boots causes sexual arousal of men."

Many responses to this interview reflect people being as bewildered as I was.

From over 3K comments, below are some in translation:

When women pass by Talib, they should walk slowly because mullahs and children who have never seen a woman in their lifetime are "stimulated" by the sound of their boots !!!

If someone in a civilised country utters the words of this idiot, he will be immediately transferred to a mental hospital!

I really regret your rotten thoughts. Your whole mind and thoughts are only about women, you don't have anything else to say. A woman is also a human being, and she is free to live in any way that she wants. Keep the thought of your "First Commune" with yourself. You only have the right to tell your wife to do this and not to all women of our country. How weak and dirty your faith is to be aroused by hearing a woman's boot sound; how filthy is your thinking. Is lust only in the weak men of our homeland, don’t men in other countries have lust? How is it they don't forget about humanity when they see women? Shame on you and your dirty mind.

(In English) These TV stations should be ashamed of their selves for giving time for these kind of people. I am sure there are few knowledgeable Taliban they could invite to have some kind of intelligent conversation with.

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