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  • Gali Weiss

Education for Women Exceeds Careers

American University of Afghanistan campus, 2019. Photo: Scott Peterson Getty Images. https///

All the people I know who go to university aspire to a profession that will be informed by their studies or at least be a start to their career life. Very few young people in my circles choose to undergo an undergraduate degree for the sake of pure knowledge. It all has to lead to a profession, a career, that will be a development in their lives.

My communications with women in Afghanistan has shaken so many things I've taken for granted.

When they write about education, that their only hope is to be able to study, they write of the empowerment of knowledge. Almost all of them add that their wish for education is to help their community and country. For them, the hope for education is hope for a future.

Here are some of their translated statements:

"My only desire is to study so that I can be an intellectual and a role model for others… I will always continue to study, to one day report the facts to people like a successful reporter. Journalism is my only wish and my only goal is to continue my education to build a good future for my orphaned siblings and the helpless people of my country." *

"I was forced to return to the village after the Taliban came and banned girls' education, and now I secretly teach several girls in our village. I want to go to university and serve my life to educate Afghan girls and children." *

"We are not allowed to study, and we don't even have the right to talk or share our opinions. We do not want all our dreams buried under the ground. We will grow. And we will keep going." *

"… they can’t stop me studying and gaining empowerment. I am trying to be a strong woman in the future." *

"I want freedom and equality for women and men, so I believe that educated women and girls make it possible." *

"I am looking to continue my education in another country and want to be a role model for girls who think that girls cannot be leaders." *

*Names of the women who wrote these statements have been been withheld for security reasons.


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