• Gali Weiss

At the Lecture Hall

I received the following account from U, retelling what was circulating on social media recently in Afghanistan.

"Yesterday, a number of female students of a government university declared their support for the Taliban and raised the Taliban flag. Several photos were posted on social media.

But after a few hours, we heard that the Taliban had forced the students to come to the university lecture hall and that the Taliban themselves had given the women special clothes (Islamic Hijab) to wear."

"In one of the photos, a man is seen wearing this Islamic clothing, which is for girls and women. The photo has been widely circulated on social media, and people say the Taliban was doing this to show other countries that Afghan women accept their government. Soldiers wore women's clothes [for the photo-shoot] and they were replaced by a small number of women."

An Associated Press article I saw on ABC news related that the Taliban orchestrated a women's march on 11 September outside the Kabul University's education centre grounds. The people marching, presumably women, were covered in black hijabs and layers of veils, and carried placards saying, "The women who left don't represent us" and "We don't want co-education."

Speakers read from scripted speeches celebrating the Taliban victory over a West they charged was anti-Islam. (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-12/taliban-september-11-womens-march/100455366)

AP: Bernat Armangue

First two photos in this post are from Afghan social media, courtesy of U.