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  • Gali Weiss

Another Killing of a Pregnant Woman

My friend U has seen a report about the murder of a woman, for no clear reason, by a Taliban soldier.

“On September 19, 2021, 35 year-old Narges, was killed by the Taliban in western Kabul. Narges' family says that she was 9 months pregnant and was to give birth within five days. Doctors have managed to save her newborn baby. Narges had six children and her husband says that Narges' killer is free. He has repeatedly called on Taliban leaders to arrest his wife's killer, but so far no action has been taken.”

The story was on a video report by an independent journalist (unnamed) from Zamaneh media, a Persian language media organisation.

I searched for the story in English language media with no results.

The following is a translation of the report.

KABUL - Ten days ago, at a small market, Taliban gunmen opened fire on a mother who was 35 years-old and nine months pregnant, and was due to give birth in a few days.

To find out how this secret event happened, I went to the house of Narges, the victim of this story. There, I saw small children who have been deprived of their mother's love. Although 11-year-old Niloufar is still a child, she has had to become a mother to her younger siblings. Niloufar also witnessed the moment when her mother was killed by a bullet from a Taliban soldier.

She was shocked by that day and does not speak easily. But the baby she is holding is Yahya, ten days old, who was rescued by doctors at the hospital. Yahya, who has not seen her mother and will never see her.

This story has another bitter truth. Despite the fact that the mother of these children was killed, the Taliban did not pay any attention to this family and all the efforts of Narges's husband Abdul Khaliq to sue have been in vain.

According to one of the witnesses of the incident, the murderer threatened the witnesses and members of Narges' family not to follow up the incident. The threat made Narges' family unable to even find the name of the killer.

After she was killed, the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate announced that Narges had been killed as a result of a clash between thieves and their people, and spoke about further investigations. But witnesses of the incident, say the shooting was one-sided, and there were no gunmen in front of Narges' killer.

All images in this post are stills from the video report by Zamaneh media

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