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  • Gali Weiss

A New Year of Hope

The word Hope continues to redefine itself. Nevertheless, we seem to want to hold on to it.

S is now in Australia, with an opportunity to continue her education. Here are her words.

"The Situation of Afghan girls: They started school and university with hope and had wished to become doctors, engineers, or teachers one day. Unfortunately, the universe was turned opposite and they were faced with darkness.


Today Afghan girls just need a word to inspire them and keep them motivated for a bright future. Afghan girls explain that for them there is no future and they had only one future, which was education and the hope of choosing to be a doctor, teacher, or engineer, which is impossible today. Furthermore, Afghan girls' financial income is another problem for them at the moment. They are making some handcrafts, but there is no buyer. It frustrates them to make more handcrafts.  


Overall, education and financial income are two big problems for Afghan girls at the moment which makes them pessimistic toward education and work such as making handcrafts. I think, at the moment they need to be motivated by some positive words by volunteer psychologists. Or some financial help for online learning for them.  


I am in a different situation. I am able to study in Australia.


The Light Year, I call last year, because I had a big change in my life when I came to Australia and started again my education. It was a new hope in my life. I think 2024 is the next stage of my life, especially in my educational part because I am close to starting university and I would like to focus more on the writing part, which I really need. For the next term, I will continue my lessons at a college and I am very optimistic about my next term.

So my aim for the New Year is to successfully complete my preparations and be ready to start university. Therefore, my wish in the New Year is for myself and all people around the world to smile and have peace and also have special hope for Afghan women and girls to have a chance to continue their education."


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