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Afghanistan now!
A woman's perspective

This blog is a space in which I’m posting accounts that I’m receiving of women’s experiences in Afghanistan in their own words, and responses from others elsewhere.

It will be a space that ‘bears witness’ to this significant time.

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My name is Gali Weiss. Through the Making Marks art project, I’ve grown connected to women in Afghanistan, both collectively and individually. Afghanistan is no longer a distant place.


The embroidered writings on the handkerchief artworks all convey hopes from each Afghan woman for herself and her country.


My wish is that torture ends in my country

I hope no more Afghan mothers shed tears from the loss of their children

I hope for equal rights between men and women

In the future I would like to become a lawyer defending women’s rights

My wish is for peace in my country


That was in 2018.

As of August 2021, these hopes are at extreme risk.

I am an observer, worried and fearful for the future of women in Afghanistan.

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